The Dark Knight Rises {Movie Review}

Not a huge fan of comic books, but I am a fan of nicely shot movies, and I must say TDKR was a great end to the wonderful Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. It was worth the two hours and forty minutes out of my night, and the Bane Vs. Batman fight scenes did not disappoint at all. Tom Hardy as Bane nearly ties Heath Ledger as The Joker and Anne Hathaway was a surprisingly good Catwoman/Selina Kyle. She fit perfectly into Nolan’s Gotham City, making the movie even better. I feel like the only thing that could have topped the way it turned out is Heath Ledger himself. (RIP). By The Way: I also highly suggest that you revisit Batman Begins and The Dark Knight before going to see this movie, it will make the experience ten times better.


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