Ted {Movie Review}

First off, I would like to sarcastically thank a large majority of my twitter  followers for over-hyping this movie. Yes it was funny, but not nearly as funny as people made it seem. There’s maybe one or two hilarious scenes while the rest of the movie gives you a slight chuckle or a half of a smile. Was it a waste of my movie ticket money? Not at all. I guess thats what I get for feeding into the hype though. It’s a nice movie to take someone to go see, but I would not go see it again, but maybe thats just me.


One thought on “Ted {Movie Review}

  1. Surprised by how much I laughed my pants off during this because I’m not a huge fan of Family Guy, but somehow, a lot of the humor just clicked for me. MacFarlane is definitely a director to watch when it comes to making R-rated comedies. Nice review.

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