Strung Out Solez [Clothing Line]

Strung Out Solez is a clothing line founded in Flint, Michigan by Leondrew Wesley and Jonathan Hodges Jr. in tribute to their love of sneakers. Since the debut on March 30th, 2012 great amounts of consistent success has come along.

I first heard about this brand at June’s edition of the Art of Hip Hop, and since then, I have constantly heard about them. (that’s good right?) I feel like the clothing line is more than just another group of individuals with cool shirt designs, and will be around for a very long time. Dope designs x Great leadership = longevity. Check out some of the pics below, and visit their online store by clicking here. you can also follow them on twitter @StrungOutSolez or become a fan on facebook (

“What motivates me is to supply fellow sneakerheads with dope apparel which isn’t created. Having a clothing line also gives me the opportunity to express my creativity as well, overall I just like  this and sneakers.” – Leondrew Wesley ( @LWesley24)

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