Venting. DISCLAIMER: You do not have to read this.

Man 2012 has been a crazy ass year for me, and before I even begin, I just wanna say that I am thankful for all of the blessings I have received. But I am soooo upset with my decision making. like. ugh. I’m really trying to figure out what made me want to be a director. I love everything about the art form don’t get me wrong, but the politics and fakeness involved is so fucking horrible (excuse my french) I joined All Varsity Music, the best label in the City, thinking that it would boost video business for me but it did the exact opposite.. like I guess people dont like to fuck with the top people, that’s like a whole other post. man, this is wack! like people be congratulating me and I don’t be knowing what to say back. “Aw man I love your videos” WHAT videos? I havent shot a music video since June (was it even June?) I feel wack as fuck, walking around with this expensive ass camera that I spent all my damn money on to call myself a director, but why? I’m so frustrated, I hate feeling stagnant, and Ive been feeling that way for a while now. And then I need a macbook pro.. why the fuck are Apple products so fucking expensive? I’m just this broke girl from the slums/hood/ghetto whatever the hell people call it nowadays, fighting my fate. I do not wanna die in this fucked up city. And Ive always felt like I was the black sheep of my family, because I was always the kid when I was younger saying “I’ma move far away, and be rich” and the adults would always say “awe thats cute” but when I became a teen and was saying the same shit they became annoyed, like they just wanted me to accept the cards that I was dealt, like they did not want me to get hurt or something. Maybe they were right, maybe I should have just stayed in school and got a Bachelor’s degree in accounting so I could end up living a simple middle class life somewhere. *sigh* I HATE when I’m wrong. oh and before this gets misread and niggas go falsely reporting, let it be on record that I do not regret leaving and going to AVM. I love my family and would not trade them for the world.


3 thoughts on “Venting. DISCLAIMER: You do not have to read this.

  1. When a woman is giving birth she goes thru a large amount of pain (I am told) but the sight of the baby makes the pain all worth it. You are living your dream and its a challenging right now but like that mother when you get to where you want to be it will be worth it. Keep pressin forward thru all the mess. There is a blessing in your pressing.

  2. Bre you are the dopest out there right now. I love the fact that you want to be better. So many people get in positions and become stagnant. It’s all going to come, I have believed in you since day one. The first time i’ve seen your work. Nothing is wrong with aspiring to be the best. We all know how lame people in the city can be just wait you are about to be on in a big way soon.

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