People be scamming! [Based on a true story] lol

Okay.. so remember in one of my old posts  “Venting” (click the link to refresh your memory then come back and finish reading this) I mentioned that I needed a Macbook Pro to edit on right? ok, so naive ol’ me decided “Hey, Ima sell my car and buy a Macbook” (YES that’s how bad I really wanted it) So I put my car on Craigslist, (some of you may know where this is going) and the next day someone texts me, ready to purchase it. He really acted like he was interested in the car and I was describing it to him and he wanted it. He said he was a car dealer so I’m like what ever. So PayPal is the most secure way to send money online (so they say) and he asks for my paypal information, and then “sends” the money.. I get a paypal alert from my email, but NOTHING is in my paypal account, and I’m the person that has to go to the source when shit like this occurs so I call Paypal thinking it might just be a common mistake or something and they say, the money did not get deposited into my account because the money did not actually exist. The entire scam is kind of complicated to explain but Ima try my best. Have you ever wished that you could hack into a bank account and put a large sum of money there or take a large sum of money out? The scam was if they tricked Paypal into thinking they actually paid me, (their cut would come from a “shipping fee” that they included in my payment for me to give to the shipping guy) it would not raise any flags because of merchandise being exchanged, whereas if money just miraculously appeared in their account it would have looked funny. The only reason they got caught was because my PayPal account is new so they had to verify my email and for my first payment ever received to be that much they investigated it… but wow. Thats crazy. I swear my life is a movie.


2 thoughts on “People be scamming! [Based on a true story] lol

  1. Heheehehehe!!!!!!!!!!! One has gotta appreciate those smart scam-artists! Wish they’d put their smartness to smart use though. Imagine the wonders they could achieve!

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