Another post you don’t have to read

I’m not even knee deep in my directing career so nothing in the post will matter about a year from now. Those of you that know me or know of me know the company that I use to work for, if not, maybe you shouldn’t be reading this. Anyways, Idek How many videos I shot with said company, nor do I feel like counting, but they are no longer on Youtube. Thats wack. lol. But in an AVM (All Varsity Music, The company I now work for) meeting, my big bro said everyone was starting over with a clean slate and I guess this is just my clean slate, I’m officially starting over. I have access to editing software once again, I still have my Canon 7D, and I’m still a good director.. so I guess this is just a minor setback for a major comeback.

PS: If you’re reading this and you feel a certain way about me, it’s okay.. If you hate me or love me just know the feeling’s mutual, and while you all are listening to slander about a situation you barely know anything about PLEASE remember, there are three sides to every story, and only one is the truth.


2 thoughts on “Another post you don’t have to read

  1. You do amazing work. You direct videos in a time where No female do. niggas are bitter and jealous keep doing your thing and you will be fine. Keep up the good work.

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