Attention Flint!! – Series of Short Films

Okay first let me introduce myself for those of you who do not know me. I am Breona Jai, a director from Flint Michigan.. I’ve only been directing for two years so I’m still fairly new to this, I have directed a number of music videos, and one Short Film (featuring JJ Green) I think if you youtube “Breona Jai” some stuff still comes up but I digress to the matter at hand, I want to shoot a series of awareness short films, covering the topics of Safe Sex, Drunk Driving, (and two other topics that WE come up with) there will be four separate short films released but they will all be shot together at once so if interested plan for a week (seven days) of shooting (3-4 hours MAX, but there may be days that are shorter depending on what all needs to be shot) The Films will be of quality trust me on that, I would not put my name on something that was not of quality (I have worked with Jon Connor, Justin Daye and Morale Music so I must possess at least a little bit of talent and combined with the talent of whoever’s reading this it will be even better) So if you are interested (please please please be interested)  send me an email at or hit me up on twitter @Breonajai. Thanks for the time.

Ps: You do not have to be able to act.. you can join the team to just help with ideas if you want.

Depending on schedules (school work) I would like to start shooting Friday November 9th and be finished by November 16th…

Update – Also if you are a designer, musician, or artist and would like to have you work featured/marketed in these films you can also send me an email or hit me up on twitter, I’m all for the expansion of Flint brands.


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