No More Favors… Indefinitely.

You know what I hate about Flint? Some people here have this dumb ass sense of entitlement. You get a couple thousand views on YouTube, 100 downloads on DatPiff and all of a sudden you’re deemed “a person in the city to work with” blah blah blah. There are artists in this world who get a million youtube views in a day, and 100,000+ downloads on Datpiff. (sorry to be the one to bring you back to reality) Now, how do I say this without coming off as a jerk? (There’s probably no way, so please let me continue) Please, do not ask me for free videos, free rides, or anything that costs ME money, that is considered a favor, and favors are suppose to eventually be returned. Now, Why did I suddenly have this change of heart? PEOPLE ARE UNGRATEFUL. My car does not run on me being a “Real N*gga”. I didn’t go into Best Buy and ask for a camera for the “love”. I can’t call Apple and say “Be a Real N*gga and let me get a MacBook Pro off the love”. I have done more free videos than anything else! Forget that. It costs me gas to get to and from the shoot, I always end up asking for a favor so I can edit the video, and honestly if I would have done this a long time ago I probably would have way more equipment than I do now!! So, in conclusion cause I know people don’t like reading (and I’ll put it in all caps cause it’s the most important part) IF IT COSTS ME MONEY, IT COSTS YOU MONEY. Yes, there are certain people whom I will continue to do favors for because I see the potential those favors have to pay off, and 9/10 they will pay off, but those certain people most likely aren’t reading this post. Now, you may be thinking “She’s done me a favor before this does not apply to me” or “We go way back, this doesn’t apply to me.” but please… do not ask me for a favor and get played. That is all.


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