Random Thoughts: Business and Friends

I always get speeches on never blurring the line between business and friendship, but I never really understood why. Is it possible to go into business with friends? What about going into business with someone and becoming friends later? And if the latter happens.. What happens when the business relationship ends? Does the friendship also end? YES. I keep learning the lessons the hard way and it sucks everytime, so therefore I have decided to only do freelance directing. ALONE. I don’t have time to keep letting my emotions get tied up into pretendships (pretend friendships) After all I am a girl, and as much I try to keep a tomboy demeanor I still have emotions and think like a girl. It’s really really saddening to me, because I never wanted to go on this journey alone, but I’m realizing that the only way I can make it with my sanity still intact is if I go at it alone.

People always look at artists in the industry like “oh, they came up with so and so, then got on and left them behind” or some similar story, but who knows the full story behind that? Maybe they never really liked that person from the beginning, for whatever reason and then decided enough was enough? I never want to get to that point with anyone that I have a business/friendship relationship with so I’ve decided to just take those steps back now. Just because you’re a good business associate does not mean that you’re a good friend. I get it now. I learned it through bitter experience, so now watch me as I detach myself from so many situations.

Not that I’m quitting or anything like that. I’ve come to grips with the fact that I will be a director for the rest of my life, no turning back, this is just me sacrificing friendship for the sake of my career, and in order to do that I have to detach myself emotionally, which may take a while so bare with me.


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