Random Thoughts – Just Venting…

I swear sometimes I really hate Flint. I do. There’s nothing here, and the will of some of the people here is just wack af. We only care about the city when someone gets killed, and that only lasts a couple of days, then people go back to drinking,smoking, partying etc until the next homocide. I don’t get it. I really don’t. If everyone was as self-righteous as they pretended to be on these social networks Flint would be a much different place. You can’t tweet “Free ____” then say RIP to the person he killed. It doesn’t make sense. We talk about how much we want change until it comes time to actually ACT on it. And I’m not going to sit here and act like it’s everyone in Flint, cause I know it’s some people here who are actually trying to make a difference, we just need to balance the scales. We’ll probably never be able to say that we live in a crime free community, but we can at least balance the scales, lets not be naive here.

People always want to say that they are a victim of circumstance, and they life turned out that way because of the cards they were dealt. Mann, that’s just an excuse. If you really wanted to do right you would find a way to do right.

A wise man once told me “You don’t have to force feed honey to a bee, or food to a lion, so you should not have to force feed a human success.” Think about it…


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