Random Thoughts: Loyalty, Whatever that is….

I honestly do not know why you all read these posts. Lol. But anyway. FUCK LOYALTY. (excuse my language). Most of the people that use the word loyalty use it in the wrong context. People will manipulate the word to make it work for them so that the person feels obligated to stick to something or someone no matter what happens.

If a woman is getting her ass beat by her husband is she loyal for staying in the relationship? Is she considered unloyal if she leaves?

I don’t even know what the word really means. I have come across so many different definitions of it that I don’t even care to use it ever. I’d much rather use “committed” If I’m committed to something I’m committed to it. period. Pure loyalty is that of a pet, or to one’s self. You cannot be fully loyal to another person,place, or thing unless the feeling is mutual and even that mutual feeling can be dissolved within the blink of an eye so please don’t put all of your weight on it.

I have come to the conclusion that the only person that will have your best interests at heart is yourself, or your parents. The best way to go in life is to never expect someone to put your best interests over their’s, cause let’s face it. The loyalty myth is just like the realness myth….. A MYTH.


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