Random Thoughts – This Twitter Shit…..

This is more geared towards the people who study my twitter like it’s something important. lol. FUCK TWITTER. It’s all entertainment to me, but certain people really get emotional in regards to some of the shit I say. Even general tweets, but I’ma keep this short. I. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck. lmao. I refuse to get emotional over 140 characters lol. People subtweet me on a daily basis and let me help y’all out. If you think you’re getting underneath my skin by tweeting slick shit about me, trust me when I say you’re not. lol. I see it, I either shake my head or laugh then move on. I might tell a couple people but thats it. I don’t get riled up or shit like that. Lmao. You twitter people are so funny when it comes to shit like this. Like you barely know me and you’re getting emotional over 140 characters…. who’s really losing here? Lmao. If you’re as real as you say you are in your tweets. you would address me face to face, not through some ho ass subtweet and that’s why I view it as entertainment you fucking internet thugs…

And I know I should care with the business I’m into and all that… but I don’t. I just don’t lol. Can’t let everything phase me. So.. whatever.


One thought on “Random Thoughts – This Twitter Shit…..

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