Random Thoughts – Perspective AKA I Might Not Really F*ck With You

Perspective – The ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or comparative importance

before I go any further please click [Here and Here] and read my disclaimer about my blog cause I might piss a couple people off.  Anywho… I love people. lol. I swear I use to be the nicest person I knew but now.. not so much and now that my feelings or care for other people’s opinions about me is at an all time low I can introduce you people to perspective.

You are not as big as you think

Dawg… half of the people I follow on twitter swear they are that guy in whatever it is that they do… you’re not. Of course your followers are going to gas you.. that’s why they follow you. I’m a nobody.. and if there are more people in this world that don’t know you compared to the people that do.. you are as well. lol. Your work ethic needs to match your arrogance. Just saying.

Twitter preaching is beyond wack.

Is it me or does the internet really turn mfs into career,life, and relationship gurus? Lmao. Telling people you have never met how to live their life is irritating.. Even I have had to stop myself from partaking in it. The shit is wack.. and if you do it… you’re wack too. Stop fucking complaining and bitching on the internet like your own shit doesnt stank. I read some tweets and think to myself “If only this dumb hoe took her own advice.” lol.

I might not really fuck with you dawg…

The first two is strictly internet related but this one embodies all aspects of my life. lol. There are three types of people that I deal with. People I fuck with, people I don’t fuck with, and people that I’m indifferent to. There are a FEW people as of now that I do not fuck with.




2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts – Perspective AKA I Might Not Really F*ck With You

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