Random Thoughts – I Wanna be Asexual

I know that may seem a tad bit extreme but… real talk. The biggest distraction in life is the pursuit of happiness through that of a significant other… And to some this may not be a distraction but for me it is. I’m really big on zodiacs and I’m a cancer. We’re nurturers and emotional as hell. I cry a lot because of it. etc. One thing I have noticed is that I can only concentrate on one thing at a time… If I were to pursue a relationship my directing would suffer tremendously simply because my train of thought would be on love and not success. I’ve always had this fear, and watching the people around me disappear because they would like to focus on relationships other than their dreams and they allowed their mates to pull them away from it (Dreamkilling spouses is a whole ‘nother post)

but on some emo cancer shit lol. I’ve lost best friends to relationships. I don’t want my legacy to be that I was a good wife or a great mom, and I am not trying to knock any one out there who’s legacy is that. We just all have our own paths. When my mom died I did not turn to a person, I had no person to turn to. I turned to school and my craft and I’ve just gotten use to being by myself, and I’m not saying I wanna be alone forever… but it is what it is. I want success more than I want love, and if that makes me crazy than so be it.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts – I Wanna be Asexual

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