Random Thoughts – Why Rap is Wack

This is going to be an overly educated, observation piece so bare with me. Rap is a reflection of today’s society. Our society is not as educated as they were in the 90s. And I’m not trying to make this a “Real Rap died in the 90s” post but real rap returned to the underground in which it was founded after the 90s. People no longer want music that makes them think. They want music that makes them dance and that’s it. But that just goes to show that today’s society’s IQ level has fallen dramatically since then. Since when do you have to be a character in order to have a successful rap career? You have to rap about mollys, twerking, killing, and being in the drug game in order to be successful now, and not to say none of that shit existed in the 90s because it did. It was just a better balance and talked about cleverly. We need balance. Hip Hop has become too commercialized, and that in itself is a blessing and a curse. In a way we need it to be commercialized that way rappers can make a living, but was it really necessary to suck all of the soul out of today’s music?


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