Random Thoughts – I Prefer Arrogance [Perspective Pt 2]

so a couple weeks back I posted Perspective. I think it was in a drunken rage but I’ve read it multiple times since then and the saying “Drunken words are sober thoughts” stands completely true. Lol. This one might not be as… “Asshole-like” but I’d like to pick up where I’d left off.

There’s really only two types of people that I mess with

That’s right. I lied. There are people I fuck with and people I don’t fuck with. [Excuse my language but I’m grown]. No in-between. I don’t do beef. I either consider you a friend or nothing at all. Beef is childish, and yes I hinted at beef in the last post but like I said I was a tad bit tipsy. lol. At the time I probably meant it but now it’s like Eh, whatever. If I don’t fuck with you I still can be cordial. I will say hi, and I will say bye, but that’s IT. Do not expect me to tell you my entire life story.

Stop play Rapping and Producing

seriously man stop. lol. You make two beats/songs a month and have the AUDACITY to get on twitter like you should have been signed three years ago. Foh. Haha. “I’m the best!” why is it that only YOU say that? Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess.

I’m really starting not to fuck with Poets.

YO, you think rappers have an ego? Chill with a group of up and coming poets and rappers will seem like the most humble mfs you have ever met. lol. And yea I’m stereoptyping.. there are a couple of spoken word artists that are really down to earth and genuinely nice people. Majority however are the most egotistical “Look at me cause I just saved three cats from a tree” ass people that you will ever meet. You ever met somebody that did good/positive things just to brag about how better of a person they are than the average man? Yea… I prefer arrogance. I remember one day Poets unfollowed me in mass amounts cause I dissed ***** ***** (Don’t get me started) one’s reasoning? “I bet you listen to Lil Wayne though” Lmfao. Just marinate on that – Peace.


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