Random Thoughts – I Can Still Fuck When I’m 39

No seriously. I can still fuck when I’m 39. I try not to do “I don’t understand people” posts but I REALLY DON”T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE lol. I’m an aspiring artist, an aspiring director to be more specific. Believe it or not this shit has a time limit. Too often do people fall into the politically correct BS of “You’re never too old to follow your dreams”. The saying is definitely true. You are never to old to follow your dreams.  But I actually want to be young enough to enjoy the fruits of my labor.. so for me IT IS.

I seriously question people’s drive sometimes. Like, in a previous post I joked about being asexual, but now I’m starting to think that I may not be joking. Someone once told me if you can want something more than you want sex you are more likely to achieve it and it made me think. The saying wasn’t about sex or dating specifically but all of the characteristics of “Being Regular” (Like the behaviors or hobbies of an assistant manager at Arby’s) Here you are, saying that you have this goal or dream that you want to reach but the moment anything else comes up that’s what immediately gets your attention. It just so happens that 9 times out of 10 for guys it is sex. Lol.

People’s actions do not match their words and the shit perplexes me. lol. You put your dreams on the backburner for anything, and I understand important shit but ANYTHING? Come on man. I’m twenty and I feel a sense of urgency. I do not want to be 35 and just now getting into the entertainment industry. I’m sorry. I don’t. I can still fuck when I’m 39 but I REFUSE to still be a struggling artist at 39, the shit just doesn’t appeal to me. But hey, to each it’s own.


One thought on “Random Thoughts – I Can Still Fuck When I’m 39

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