The MyNors – What They Don’t Know [Music]

“Introducing the lead off single from their impending mixtape release, Black Lung, Connecticut producer/emcee duo, THE M.Y.N.O.Rs, are proud to present “What They Don’t Know.” It was a song from the iconic Alicia Keys which inspired the duo, made up of Dan Piccochi (DP) and Michael Berube (MJ) to write and produce this solid introduction, which is currently being worked to college radio.

Using “Love is Blind” from The Element of Freedom album by the iconic Alicia Keys, the My.N.O.R.S twisted the concept of the original to fit their requirements and tell the tale of their fight to be recognized as MCs. “People would joke about us behind our backs saying we weren’t good enough and say we should quit trying to make it in the music business”, explains MJ. “Yet, all those years it was just fuel added to our fire and gave us more ambition to make a career in music,” concludes DP.

With a strong visual to back up “What They Don’t Know” the duo are confident that their sound and their full appreciation of the Hip-Hop culture will resonate with Hip-Hop fans everywhere.”  <=== Quoted from the email I was sent.

My opinion? This Dp Produced beat is nice, and the guys’ flow definitely does not disappoint. It makes me want to check out more of their music. Check out the song below and don’t be afraid to tell me what you think.



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