Random Thoughts: Epiphanies are the best

had the epiphany that I needed to have Friday… tried to carry it over into today and instead was blessed with another epiphany.

the epiphany being that I cannot be local minded and that’s it’s possible to become global just by thinking global.

you get what you attract.. so if I bs something just off of the strength of it being local… I’m putting that energy out into the world.

whereas, if I treated everything I did with importance, and acted as a professional, I would send THAT energy into the world.

and that energy will attract energy that is identical back to me.

I have to constantly train myself with the reminder “this will one day be global”

so I’m going to continue to show up at video shoots on time. I’m going to continue editing shit by level of importance.

I’m going to keep coming up with video concepts even though some may never see the light of day.

I’m going to keep letting the people who “love” me not take me serious because I’m me.

I’m going to keep accepting damn near every paid video offer.

just because I know what’s at the finish line for me.

quitting because someone doesnt take me serious would just give them all the more reasons not to take me serious.

you earn the respect of strangers before you earn the respect of your peers and that’s not just in entertainment, that’s everyday life.

and that’s the one thing I have learned from this…. befriending people in entertainment is a double edged sword.

it be cool cause friendships are cool. they become like family. then you realize how wack it is because they become like family.

I made a great life choice but a bad career choice.

not a bad decision in the choice of teams… (disclaimer for all of you tweet watchers out there) lol.

but a bad decision in regards to how I decided to approach my career.

luckily I’m in the early enough stages where I can turn this around… that started today.

added new values. TIME & DEADLINES they go hand in hand.

so if we’re suppose to shoot at 1:30 and you’re not there I promise I’ll be gone by two.

same shit goes for me.. I procrastinate.. I started the process of deading that today. no more procrastination.




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