Random Thoughts – I Support Me

People play too much. Lol. At one point in time I called myself an aspiring director. I took the word “aspiring” out when I started getting paid to do it. No I’m not big time, no I’m not top 100 (insert 1 million quotes in here that concludes with me saying Im not the best/worst) whatever.

Moving on.. I said all that to say this. Don’t play with me. I’m broke. Like dead broke. I don’t have parents to run and borrow money from when shit happens. The only time there is money in my pockets, gas in my car, food in my stomach is when I direct something/edit something/ take a picture of something. It’s that fact that drives me. “If I don’t do this I won’t eat.” How many other people in the world can say that? So don’t play with me. If you want to work with me, be SERIOUS. It’s getting to the point where if a person fucks with my directing they’re fucking with my livelihood. I don’t think I like my livelihood being messed with.

You can think I’m a bitch. You can think I’m arrogant. You can think I only care about myself. You can think that I have this sense of entitlement. You can think whatever the fuck it is that you want to think. Just pay me, respect my craft (it’s the LEAST you could do) and gtf on. I don’t wanna be nice anymore. I don’t wanna beg people to work with me, to like me. My life needs to move on from that. I’m going to keep working with who I’ve been working with and if that comes to an end I’ll just move on to the next. I no longer care about the minor shit.I know that at the end of the day I will die as a director. The real mystery is how successful will I be?

Be SERIOUS. AT the end of the day some of this shit is just a hobby to yall anyway. Too bad it’s not just a hobby for me. I don’t punch the clock at McDonald’s or some other wack ass fast food spot. Directing is my 9-5. Just RESPECT what I’m trying to do. And this not even half of all of the shit I wanna say I just know that it’s best to end it here.


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