Random Thoughts – Team…Work

For some of you that know me personally, know that I’ve been struggling as of lately with a lot of things pertaining to my career. I had been feeling stagnant about certain things and even some what discouraged by the actions of people around me. But I’m over all of that.

I started having epiphany after epiphany and things seemed to speed up and derail emotionally for me really fast. What can I say? lol The artist in me is an emotional being, and when I feel like my craft isn’t being taken seriously (whether I deserve it to be or not) I react. I needed time to myself to really sort through all of those and to help myself decide how I was going to re-approach my budding career.

As much as my ego tells me that I can make it by myself (I probably can to be honest lol) I know that I will need some resemblance of a team. I love the team I’m with. I really do. I’ve learned more this past year than I have… EVER about what it’s like to be in the actual “game”.

I can’t/won’t go in depth about my team though. lol. I will however talk about the new philosophy I have on teams just from watching documentaries/movies etc.

Every one has to want to see every one else succeed.

Self explanatory right? If you don’t believe in me why  are we on the same team? I’ve struggled with this one. lol. I debate it with myself all of the time and I’ve just come to the conclusion that although in the fantasy world I live in from time to time that this is ideal but in the real world it is not. I’ve countered this with the

“Every man/woman for his/herself” mentality

Don’t rely on other people to help you get your job done. Life is like Murphy’s Law. Yea your team will help you but you’ll perform better if you don’t expect them to, and at the end of the day, your job is your job.

All in all (dont wanna make this too long) I’ve learned that when you join a team you still have to work as if you didn’t lol and That’s not bad at all btw.  Especially when you learn how to make it work to your advantage.

I really don’t know the point I was trying to make in this.. but *shrugs* lol.


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