Random Thoughts – Call Me Bre Jai

I’ve been a director for about two years now.. (I shot my first video March 2011) and looking at my progress I’m still so far from where I wanna go. But not nearly as far as I was, and for that I am very grateful. It humbles me in a sense. ūüôā

Moving on… We are two months into 2013, I have a milestone birthday coming up this year, and with this milestone comes new goals. Up until now my goal had been to build up experience in directing and editing and work with a lot of different people. The revised version of this goal is to do all of that, all the while making money off of it. Sounds fair right? lol. I also have a new logo. It no longer says “Breona Jai” instead it says “Bre Jai” and although the change is subtle. It means something.

Last Summer I was blessed with the opportunity to travel with Jon Connor on the Big Krit Tour, while traveling we met many different artists and people all with interesting stories. One night on the tour. (we were in Iowa, I believe) Connor was having a conversation with ¬†another one of the performers and he and ¬†the guy were talking about nicknames, and the statement that stuck out to me the most was. “You know you’ve made it when people in the industry call you by your nickname.. not your performing name. Your nickname” And I had to think about it. Jay-z is called Jay, Kanye is Ye. Beyonce is Bey, all of their performer names have been given nicknames.

So, when it came time for me to create a new logo, (shout out to Corey Johnson the artist behind it all) I instantly thought back to that conversation. Everyone that knows me personally calls me Bre Jai, instead of Breona jai. It’s the nickname to my nickname, so I decided to just go all in and put Bre Jai as my logo in hopes that one day, instead of people saying “It was directed by some chick named Breona Jai” ¬†with no familiarity or care at all, ¬†people will say “Bre Jai directed that” and be shocked that the other person did not know it.


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