Blogging Challenge Day 1- Introduction

I felt that this blog really wouldnt be my blog if I didn’t complete a blogging challenge.. 30 posts in 30 days and since this is technically the fourth day of the month, this post will be me playing catch up? Ok go. lol.

1. Your current relationship. If single discuss how single life is.

People really think I be playing when I say I have no interest whatsoever in relationships at this current moment in time. So.. to answer the post… Single life, is life. lol.  I blogged about my view on relationships twice already (Here and Here)

2. Where’d you like to be in ten years

Accepting my fifth academy award for directing a feature film. Happy. Physically and emotionally wealthy.

3. Your views on drugs and alcohol

I’m all for drinking! lol. Blame it on me being 20 years old. I also don’t mind people who smoke weed. I don’t like Molly. I think people who pop mollys might as well smoke crack. I don’t support crack addicts either. btw. lol.

4. Your views on religion

To each is own. I believe in the universe and the theory that you attract back the energy that you put out into the world. I truly belove that meditation and being positive is the key to a good life, because it’s never really about what happens to you but how you react to what happens to you.

See you tomorrow 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 1- Introduction

  1. Hi there, where are you getting your questions from? Just curious because I run a pretty intense blog challenge of my own, and your post caught my eye while I was browsing for new blogs. I like to search around sometimes and meet new people here in WP. 🙂

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