Random Thoughts: I’m Happy Though

Despite the tone of majority of my random thoughts posts, I really wanted to post something to remind myself that… I’m happy, kinda, things have been worse. My career is in the best shape EVER. I have a lot of opportunities coming my way. I have the best business relationships that you could ask for in this city, my editing is constantly getting better, so yea, I’m happy in that aspect.

I’ve had some negative things happen to me but I’m learning to approach those incidents with positive energy instead of negative energy. (currently mastering the art of meditating)

I’m at the point where I know I’m going to be ok, it just scares me not knowing just how ok I am going to be.. if that makes any sense.

My relationships with people outside of my “circle” is weird. Idk if people like me or not. lol. But I guess that comes with the territory. All in all. I’m happy though. Seriously. I know I may complain a bit more than the average person, and sometimes I forget to acknowledge just how blessed I really am.


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