Random Thoughts: Winners Never Quit

I didn’t know what to name this so I asked my best friend for a quote. Moving on. lol.

Love, live, laugh, learn, forgive is key…no enemies, no stress, no worries…life is great besides a couple setbacks. – Breona Jai

Above is something that I tell myself every now and then when I’m meditating because I’m really starting to realize how blessed I really am. Like, I have been through so much shit in life. I have been at some low points and man, reflecting on it all just makes me give thanks for what I have now. I’m really living my dream, and although it’s on a small scale, I’m LIVING MY DREAM. I have a wonderful support system in friends and some family, my team is so official. Slowly learning to be thankful for what I do have, and for the people that ARE in my life. No more crying over spoiled milk. Time to take this positive energy and work towards my dreams and goals even harder. Major opportunities are coming up for me, and I’m just grateful for it all. No enemies, no stress, no worries.


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