Random Thoughts – Naivete is Bliss

“Every true genius is bound to be Naive” – Friedrich Schiller

So, majority may be asking why the title “Naivete is Bliss” ? Let me explain…

Naivete is Bliss is a spin of the saying ignorance is bliss, which I take means sometimes the less you know the better you are. I agree with this statement when applied to certain aspects of life particularly in the “I’m chasing my dreams” category. I feel like you have to be naive/ignorant to the doubters, ignore all of the negative bullshit that says that what you’re doing is impossible, the people that say you are going to fail etc. NAIVETE IS BLISS. If you don’t pay attention to the negativity in your head it will eventually seem nonexistent. Take me for example, I cannot even fathom the idea of truly failing. I can’t grasp the concept of it at all. Fail? I’ve been at this for too long to fail. It’s always been a matter of when, it’s never been a matter of if, even before I met Connor.

“I will not lose, for even in defeat, there’s a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me.” – Jay-Z

I know I have bad days, I admit when I fuck up. I admit when I’ve made a mistake. There have been days when I would wonder how exactly I was gonna make this dream of mine work or days I felt discouraged but at the VERY end of the day I just know I’ma be good. I’ma be ok.

Naivete is Bliss

Ignore negativity at best. Naivete is Bliss  is an overly positive quote spun out of an overly negative situation. People always try to fault me by telling me I just don’t know. But I already know what I need to know, the rest I can chalk up to Naivete is Bliss. Translation: I’m DONE with it now.

This post is dedicated to me. More stuff to meditate to. Another reminder to myself that I’m going to be OK. I just have to meditate more on blocking negative shit out. But I pride myself on the fact that I’m still learning. (Probably going to go on a twitter rant at some point today as well.)



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