Five Movies I wouldn’t mind seeing turned into a TV Show

(That is an extremely long title. lol)

1. The Best Man

We need more color on television that does not come in the form of Ratchett “Reality” TV and all of the drama in both movies would transition over onto television so well with the right writers. I think it would be The Game preBET, and fit right in with VH1’s Hit The Floor, plus it covers way more realms of entertainment than just a sport.

2. Brown Sugar

Yes, another black people in the industry movie. I actually love these types of movies. lol. I just always felt like it should be some music based tv shows and even more music based Movies, like where’s the “Fame” type movies for Hip Hop (Carmen doesn’t count.)

3. Big Mama’s house

The original man in a dress.

4. Love & Basketball

Professional Basketball Player that is a female, shed some light on what life in the WNBA is like, it would be good publicity…

5. Eve’s Bayou

Do y’all even remember this movie? OMG. I think I would be glued every week if this movie were turned into a TV Show… HBO would have to do it and it would have to have the entire original cast in it as well.


Honorable Mention – As Much as I love the Five Heartbeats I really unsure if a TV show for it would be done in the way that I wanted in to be. So.. yea.

Somebody send this list to Hollywood.



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