Jazmin Sisters – YOU [Official Music Video]

Ok.. so I’m browsing wordpress, like I do every now and then, listening to indie R&B and hip hop artists (if you follow me on twitter you see me posting links to up and coming artists all of the time) and I stumble upon this girl R&B group, at least I think it’s R&B… and all I have to say is.. I’m sold. lol.

Maybe it’s the nineties-esque style of dress, maybe it’s cause I miss female R&B groups I don’t know. But I’m telling you, it’s worth at least one listen. I was nervous when I heard the SWV sample but as the song went on I decided that this song was something that I would not have a problem with bumping in my every day life. Lol. (s/o to femaleflow.com because that’s the site I found them on) Check it out below:


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