I’ve Been Browsing – Five Webseries You Should Check Out

hqdefaultI don’t know where I’ve been for the past two years (if not longer..) but it seems that the DIY Tv Shows aka Webseries have become very popular on youtube lately, especially those from the black perspective. For the past four months or so I’ve been watching and researching to the point where I am more than certain I spend more time on Youtube than I do actually watching television, and one thing is for certain.. I REALLY miss SCRIPTED tv. But I compiled this list to encourage whoever is reading this to go on youtube and support indie filmmakers, it’s really good material on there.  Ok it’s some bad shh on there too, but what’s life without balance?

Do not confine yourself to this list either. By all means browse, maybe’s there’s one I missed or haven’t seen yet. Who knows. But here you go:

1. Awkward Black Girl

Issa Rae has to be the youtube queen of webseries, I really idolize her DIY mentality. She’s so creative and supportive of others. But Awkward Black Girl is a webseries about an awkward black girl, well, a normal everyday black girl if you ask me.

2. Hello Cupid

Hello Cupid was actually the first webseries I ever watched, and I watched the whole first season in one day, if I had to summarize it I’d label it “Catfish the scripted tv show” It’s interesting. At first I did not know what to expect from it but then it got really good.

3. Venus Vs. Mars

This is a UK webseries, so if UK accents don’t bother you (The male accents took some getting use to) this show is worth watching. It’s pretty much about this girl’s misadventures in the dating world. I love it.

4. Black and Single

This Show is hilarious and set in Atlanta and again takes on the dating scene this time from both a make and female’s perspective.

5. Lenox Avenue

I’m still out on how I really feel about Lenox Avenue, part of me feels like there is too much sex and not enough plot, but there’s so much drama and I see where they’re at least trying to go with it so I feel like there’s still hope.

there’s also Roomieloverfriends, That Guy, Yellow, The Complex, I mean the list goes on and on and on. But check those out! Let me know if I’m missing any. Lol.


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