Just Venting

Sometimes I really hate being a black woman, especially when I think about the overall representation of us.

Desperate. Spiteful. Petty. Weak. Selfish.

Black Women who uplift each other are RARE. Yes we should look at the man who portray us this way with side eyes but we should also look at the women who perpetuate the perception of us. After all, they are not pulling these descriptions out of thin air.

Why is it that a black woman is more likely to help a black man get on other than a black female? (The terms of “On” can be defined later lol.) And a black man is more likely to put a white man on other than anyone black. (Again, more on that later.)

I have reached out to so many black women in my field for advice and only two have ever reached back out to me. Why? Why is it predesigned for us to be petty and caddy towards each other? is it basketball wives and love & hip hop? Was it the way we were raised? Is it fear that the person we help out will become more successful than us? I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

Females will beef with a girl over a guy that was playing the both of them, then forgive the guy and hate the female forever. Baby mama drama, ratchetry, bitches & hoes, all things that are just natural when it comes to us but I feel like no one ever examines why or even attempts to put forth the effort to implement a change to it.

Natural girls judge the girls that perm their hair, girls that perm their hair turn their nose up to the women that don’t but we’re both black and police will still shoot your son or brother dead in the street and not give a f*ck whether your hair is straightened or not.

These terms we use to separate ourselves from one another “Weird” “I’m different” “I’m mixed” Getting piercings and tattoos etc, but we are still all black women.

Smh. It’s so ingrained in us that I doubt it’ll ever change in my life time and I’m only 23. ✌️

Just a little food for thought.



2 thoughts on “Just Venting

  1. *clears throat* so one day at work a lady, a white one to be exact, asked me a question similar to that. She asked me why it is that when there are two black women together, (working together for instance )is it that they very rarely get along. Even though it hurt my feelings to admit this out loud and especially to someone who doesn’t know the struggle of being a black woman I gave her my theory. Here it is: though we are the most emulated, we are the most hated people on this planet. We’re loud, ghetto, rude, fat (in terms of big hips big thighs), and ugly (our noses are big, our lips are full). So subconsciously rather than bond with people that look like us we try to tear them down so that we’re not the ugliest one in the room. As far as women go, for black people as a whole I believe it’s the crabs in a barrel complex but you know, these are just my opinions.

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