TwentySomething: A Story of Jade

For the longest time I went back and forth about when I would allow myself to begin my film career. That I would do A,B, & C first, THEN I would come back to it. That I would allow myself to build a name doing something else and then turn back around to film and directing later. (Build a name doing what? I know. lol.) Over the past year a series of things began to happen to me which ultimately began to make me work on myself and the script on what I plan to be my first feature film. TwentySomething is a film loosely based on these experiences. Moving From Los Angeles to Houston, then Houston back home to Flint. Being depressed, trying to find a purpose, and not wanting to just… exist. I always wanted to feel as if I was chasing something bigger than myself and the idea of working just a regular nine to five then just dying horrified me.

TwentySomething is a story of a female named Jade, who returns home after going for broke in New York City. Her relationship with her family is now weird, her city is different than she remembered, and her grandmother has now passed away. Through out the movie (or script) you see her struggle with accepting the fact that she is back home, not wanting to be there but not knowing how it is that she will “Make it back out.” There are characters and perspectives that anybody from a small city can relate to, not just Flint, and yes the Water Crisis is mentioned. I gave it a background role to show how when the crisis started that people lives did not just stop, they had to continue living.

The script is now available on Amazon, Createspace, and Amazon Kindle. It’s four dollars. I hope that if you found the time to read this that it piques your interest enough to purchase the script and tell me what you think. Thank you.





Welcome (Back) to my work in progress

Oh how I missed my public diary.

I haven’t blogged in five months…. I don’t know why I thought it would be easy to just come in and pick right up where I left off, especially after reading all of my old posts. I’m in an entirely new space mentally. I went through this whole “I need to find myself, get back to the craft I love so much, which is directing” phase. Which eventually led me into my “I’m borderline depressed because I don’t really have the utensils to pursue directing in the way that I want to.” Phase. Then November came and the most recent phase that I am currently exiting out of is my “I’m stagnant and depressed because I feel no real progress, I miss my mom (She died November 3, 2009) I don’t wanna die only knowing my hometown, Fuck life.” Phase.

Three phases in five months. I don’t think people fully grasp how dark and depressing the fall really is for me. I’ve been super emo and antisocial lately and decided to just take the time to create the outline of the person that I would like to grow into being. So welcome back to the chaos known as There will still be music that I like. (Whether it’s indie, mainstream or local). There will still be random thoughts, there may still be a movie review every blue moon. I’m gonna be easing myself back into the concept of blogging so bare with me and thanks for tuning back in :).

Let’s see where this new chapter in life takes me.

Finding Yourself?

LA The Great Ft. Sensational Roc – Can’t be F*cked With

Some new music for people who visit my blog. Two guys from my hometown. I’m familiar with Sensational Roc from his battle rap background so I knew he could rap. AT first I was hesitant about listening to it because most battle rappers can’t make good songs, but I’m glad I decided to listen to it. Check it out here and form an opinion of your own though.

LA&SenRoc (1)1st Leak from the #AheadOfOurPrime project from Serious Bizness Entertainment… coming out this Summer! Follow us on Twitter..@LATheGreat15 and @SensationalRoc

Random Thoughts: Scattered Thoughts

I cant remember my last Random Thoughts post, but I know I haven’t posted one at all this month… I’ll let you know when I decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Moving on..

I don’t even know how to word this so bare with me as I attempt to piece together the randomness that it is my thoughts.

I think I made a mistake by becoming friends with the people that I do business with…

Like… I see people (men) joke about being friend zoned by females that they would like to be more than friends with… I think that same attitude can be applied towards the people you do business with.

I’ve been feeling like this emptiness. Like I can look into someone’s eyes and see that they are no longer interested in working with me and the shit is so discouraging, so draining, and so negative that I should not even be lingering on it for too much longer being that I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, and the universe (also known as the secret)

I just have to cut my losses and move on.. if you hang on to an infected limb for too long the infection eventually finds it way to your heart.

But back to being friendzoned in business. lol.

I think the universe is testing me… cause I always say I’ll give up friendship for the pursuit of my dreams/business, and I have proven this time and time again. I have maybe one or two friends right now. Strong maybe. lol. I think the test is will I give up business for friends.

immaturely right now my answer is no. It shouldn’t be.. but it is. Sorry. Maybe I’ll learn some life long lesson later on down the line that makes me change my mind about. But right now no. Matter of fact. I’m damn near at the point where if we can’t do business, we can’t be friends. Fuck it. (excuse my language)

Idk.. maybe it’s the Cancer in me (as in zodiac, not illness) we’re extremely emo, we can be loners at time, we can be rude without trying etc etc, but we also are goal oriented and do what we have to do to get where we want to get.. even making choices that other people would deem as hard… hmm… maybe that’s why they call us selfish.. *shrugs* maybe that’s another lesson for me to learn later on in life.911357_1283097494459.43res_456_300

Q – The River [Music]

Yes I am still on my support local music kick. It will probably last my entire life. lol. Check out the new song from Jalen Finney AKA Q, and as always, I am going to withhold my opinion on it and let my readers form their own. so check out the song below and let me know with yall think {Produced by Relta}


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