Random Journal Entries Pt 1

I never really know how to start off these types of posts.. But, here it goes. Lol.

for the past maybe, two or three years (Some may even argue since my mom passed.) I’ve struggled with anxiety. I don’t really like to talk about it but, I found an old journal entry that I wrote and I really wanted to share it here:

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Random Thoughts – “it’s just twitter” Yea… Right

Mannnnn, first of all, twitter hasn’t been “Just Twitter” since 2011. Well at least for you all. Me? I really don’t care about what I post, and yea, this has gotten me in trouble more than once but.. oh well. Lesson Learned. Cause really it’s Just twitter until someone calls, texts, you about it. When something you say makes it off of twitter and into regular conversation with your peers it is no longer JUST TWITTER, that’s where yall fuck up. (excuse my language but I’m grown) Look man, if 140 characters can get you all riled up to the point where you are willing to end a friendship or relationship over it, your sensitive ass does not need a twitter, if you like to tweet watch, cool, that’s fine. Just don’t go report some half ass story to somebody and get them riled up right along with you.

Oh, and if you really care about the opinion of people you’ve never met before, or partake in “twitter thugging” your silly ass probably do not need a twitter either. (it’s a list of personalities who probably don’t need a twitter, but I’ll divulge in that list later)

But back to topic, I’m grown, but I have to be responsible, so the responsible Bre is not going to post anymore opinionated tweets about myself or others because you twitter mfs obviously can’t handle it without petty emotion being involved, and I do not want to make my twitter private. So, if you like opinionated Bre, please follow this blog.