Random Journal Entries Pt 1

I never really know how to start off these types of posts.. But, here it goes. Lol.

for the past maybe, two or three years (Some may even argue since my mom passed.) I’ve struggled with anxiety. I don’t really like to talk about it but, I found an old journal entry that I wrote and I really wanted to share it here:

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Women in the “Industry”: Sleep Your Way to the Top

Ok, I always start my blog posts off with “I’m new to this” or “Keep in mind I’m nowhere close to where I wanna be” so please.. keep those two statements in mind. lol. I like to consider my blog as my own personal journal, public journal, but I’m sure not many people read these any way..Moving on though….

Women: I have a new found respect for women in the industry now. (well, most) I salute the women, who actually worked hard, to get to where ever they are in their careers. My male peers have always warned me about the disadvantages of being a woman coming into the entertainment industry. You have to worry about not being taken seriously, being underpaid, and also being expected to have sex, or sleep your way to the top. Even if its not true, as in you’re not guilty of any such thing, you can still be accused of it, which I think is…. wack. But recently I’ve been forced to come to terms to the fact that there are actually some women who do that. Even in my small hometown of FLINT. It’s appalling, and none of the guys around me seem to have a problem with it. its stupid, its ughhhh, it’s a disgrace to the women who are actually putting in work. Like I busted my ass to get where I’m at, (maybe I’ll divulge in my life story another time, but it’s NOT pretty) and now I’m finding out that another chick can spread her legs effortlessly and be placed on the same level as me. WTF. It’s so apparent in hip hop and other predominantly black cultures and It’s kind of discouraging… I mean.. I’m not gonna quit or anything like that because I’ve come too far for that, but I’m just wondering how  women have dealt with shit like this for years. YEARS. I can’t stand being in the vicinity of someone who took that route for more than ten minutes let alone YEARS. *sigh* So again, I salute the women who actually WORKED to get where they are, I have so much respect for you all, especially if you’re a black woman trying to make it the right way.