TwentySomething: A Story of Jade

For the longest time I went back and forth about when I would allow myself to begin my film career. That I would do A,B, & C first, THEN I would come back to it. That I would allow myself to build a name doing something else and then turn back around to film and directing later. (Build a name doing what? I know. lol.) Over the past year a series of things began to happen to me which ultimately began to make me work on myself and the script on what I plan to be my first feature film. TwentySomething is a film loosely based on these experiences. Moving From Los Angeles to Houston, then Houston back home to Flint. Being depressed, trying to find a purpose, and not wanting to just… exist. I always wanted to feel as if I was chasing something bigger than myself and the idea of working just a regular nine to five then just dying horrified me.

TwentySomething is a story of a female named Jade, who returns home after going for broke in New York City. Her relationship with her family is now weird, her city is different than she remembered, and her grandmother has now passed away. Through out the movie (or script) you see her struggle with accepting the fact that she is back home, not wanting to be there but not knowing how it is that she will “Make it back out.” There are characters and perspectives that anybody from a small city can relate to, not just Flint, and yes the Water Crisis is mentioned. I gave it a background role to show how when the crisis started that people lives did not just stop, they had to continue living.

The script is now available on Amazon, Createspace, and Amazon Kindle. It’s four dollars. I hope that if you found the time to read this that it piques your interest enough to purchase the script and tell me what you think. Thank you.





Random Thoughts – So.. I’ve Been Writing

Random fact about me that no one may care about. lol – Growing up, I always enjoyed writing, like always. Matter of fact I use to always tell people that I would have a book published by the time I turned eighteen.. Well.. Eighteen came and went. I was always inspired to write by my mom, and I always heard stories that she always was writing when she was pregnant with me and it carried over. That’s why when she died, I got writer’s block and stopped writing completely. I would try to, but my mind would draw blanks, and I didn’t wanna force it because it would then be considered unauthentic.

So, I don’t know what it is, (well I think I know I just don’t wanna share) But for the last few days I had the urge to write. The random urge to write, then I was browsing Facebook and I saw this status.. and I’m not going to go into detail but an entire story came to me and today I just started writing :). I recruited Lakia aka @RizzyBeamen on twitter, and now we’re working on something together. She’s VERY talented and I can’t wait to see what comes from this.