Random Thoughts – So.. I’ve Been Writing

Random fact about me that no one may care about. lol – Growing up, I always enjoyed writing, like always. Matter of fact I use to always tell people that I would have a book published by the time I turned eighteen.. Well.. Eighteen came and went. I was always inspired to write by my mom, and I always heard stories that she always was writing when she was pregnant with me and it carried over. That’s why when she died, I got writer’s block and stopped writing completely. I would try to, but my mind would draw blanks, and I didn’t wanna force it because it would then be considered unauthentic.

So, I don’t know what it is, (well I think I know I just don’t wanna share) But for the last few days I had the urge to write. The random urge to write, then I was browsing Facebook and I saw this status.. and I’m not going to go into detail but an entire story came to me and today I just started writing :). I recruited Lakia aka @RizzyBeamen on twitter, and now we’re working on something together. She’s VERY talented and I can’t wait to see what comes from this.